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Arm Lift before and after pictures

The goal of the Arm Lift is to remove excess skin and fat. These Arm Lift before and after pictures demonstrate the dramatic change my patient obtained after arm lift surgery.

Brachioplasty, also known as Brachyplasty or Arm Lift Surgery, is a procedure performed to address excess skin and fat in the upper arms. It is typically recommended for individuals who are bothered by loose, sagging skin who do not mind trading it in for a scar. Most patients either have a familial predisposition for excess upper arm skin, or are people who have lost a significant amount of weight and are left with redundant skin on the upper arms. A good candidate for brachioplasty generally meets the following five criteria:

1) Excess Skin and Fat

A good candidate for Arm Lift Surgery has significant excess skin and/or fat in the upper arms that cannot be effectively improved through exercise or weight loss. In other words, there needs to be something to fix. Brachioplasty removes the excess skin and the underlying fat to create a more contoured arm appearance.

2) Stable Weight

It is ideal for candidates to have a stable weight before undergoing Brachyplasty. Significant weight fluctuations can affect the results of the procedure and lead to recurrent skin excess. It is generally recommended to be at or near their target weight before considering surgery. A stable weight leads to more predictable and longer lasting results.

Brachioplasty before and after pictures

Brachioplasty was used to enhance the appearance of this patient’s arms. As seen in the before and after photo, removing excess skin after massive weight loss, greatly improved the shape of her arms.

3) Good Overall Health

Candidates for Brachyplasty should be in good general health and free from any medical conditions that could increase the risks associated with surgery. Conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or bleeding disorders should be evaluated and managed before considering brachioplasty. If you have recently lost a lot of weight either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, it is recommended to wait one year to allow your body to adapt to your new physiology.

4) Non-Smoker/Vaper

Smoking impairs the healing process and increases the risk of complications. Wound complications are six times higher for smokers and vapors. Candidates should be non-smokers or willing to quit smoking for at least four weeks before and after the surgery to optimize their chances of a successful outcome; however, longer is better.

5) Realistic Expectations

It is important for candidates to have realistic expectations regarding the results of Brachioplasty. While the procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the arms, there will be visible scars that may not fade over time. Consulting with a qualified, experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help set realistic expectations and provide a thorough understanding of the procedure.

Brachyplasty before and after pictures

Brachyplasty was used to remove excess skin and fat from my patient’s arm. The Brachyplasty before and after pictures demonstrate a remarkable improvement in size, shape and arm tone.

Brachioplasty Consultations

Every individual is unique, and individual results will vary. It is crucial to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can evaluate your specific situation, discuss your goals, and determine if you are a good candidate for an Arm Lift. Factors such as your medical history, physical examination, and aesthetic goals are reviewed to provide specific recommendations and guidance. In the San Francisco Bay Area call (925) 943-6353 and schedule your personalized consultation appointment, today.

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