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The next episode of Body Beautiful airs this week Wednesday September 15, 2021, at Noon on KRON 4 TV. Be sure to tune in or set your DVR to learn about four of the hottest topics in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

Hot Topics In Plastic Surgery

This week the topics were so hot, we had a few of our before and after pictures banned. More about that in a moment, but see if you can guess which topic contained the offending photo. This week’s Body Beautiful is divided into four segments:

Each segment discusses the indications, techniques and recovery of the procedure, and each is illustrated with numerous before and after pictures. While we did reveal some sexy eyelids, the eyelid pictures passed the censor.

The History of Body Beautiful

Original Cast and Set of Body Beautiful on KRON 4 SF Bay Area

The original host, Vicki Liviakis, with Dr. Joseph Mele discussing breast implants on the original set of Body Beautiful on KRON 4, the San Francisco Bay Area’s News Station.

Body Beautiful started as a staple of KRON 4’s Medical Mondays – a series of shows dedicated to the latest in medical care. Body Beautiful was, and remains, dedicated to the latest in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Live Baby Live

The original show aired LIVE from the KRON 4 studios on Van Ness Avenue. Live TV is very exciting. The good news is, it’s very easy to budget time for live shows. You know precisely when they will start and when they will end. There are no retakes or time for directorial intervention. The only breaks are for commercials, and those too are predetermined. The show was in the studio, so there was very little setup time. You arrive, you shoot, you’re done. Simple.

My favorite part about the live show was the ability to answer viewer questions, live on the air, in real time. It was not easy, because although each show had a theme, I never knew what the caller was going to ask, or even if it was on topic, but that is what made it fun. After one particularly obtuse question Vicki Liviakis says to me, “Wow, you’ll answer anything!,” and I would. I love plastic surgery, and am happy to have the chance to talk about it.

Lastly, working with a professional, friendly and Emmy award winning journalist like Vicki Liviakis was a close second favorite part of doing the live show. She and the crew made the entire experience welcoming.

The First Show

Out of a healthy respect for the San Francisco Bay Area commute traffic, and the fear of missing the live show, I showed up over an hour early. I waited until I was only an hour early and made my way across the street from the 1000 Van Ness theater to the KRON 4 studios at 1001 Van Ness Avenue at O’Farrell Street.

Before the first show, I sat nervously in the “green room,” otherwise known as the hallway to the studio. Mark Tamayo, then morning weatherman at KRON, emerged from the studio, smiled and said “Hello.” Now it was real. Vicki Liviakis and our producer, Alicia Cocchi, arrived shortly before air time and we went over the details and content of the show. This show was going to happen.

The show followed the morning news, so we were quietly positioned on our set across from the news desk as the morning news wrapped. News anchor Mark Danon introduced himself from across the room and asked me my name. Everyone was so friendly. As the news wrapped, he segued, “Stay tuned for Body Beautiful with Dr. Joseph Mele.” Lights, camera, action … It was time!

The actual show was a blur. It was 30 minutes with commercial breaks and we discussed Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Mommy Makeovers and Tummy Tucks in what seemed like five seconds. It was done.

The first call I made on the drive home was to my grandmother. She had gotten together with her friends to watch the show. She told me I looked so handsome and that I did great. What else would your grandmother tell you? It was then that I decided to call her after every show.

Body Beautiful Airs This Wednesday


The 2021 Body Beautiful Team: Sydney, Todd, Janelle, myself and not pictured Art (the cameraman plus plus plus). Hopefully, this COVID-19 pandemic will end and we can all unmask and head back to the new studio.

The show has evolved through the years. We have shifted from 10:00 AM Mondays to Noon Wednesdays. And this Wednesday, September 15th at noon the 15th season continues. If you were curious as to which picture was censored, it was a Male Breast Reduction photo.

Gynecomastia Reduction – Censored

If you guessed it was a Male Breast Reduction picture that was censored, you are correct. The following before photo was censored because it looks too much like a woman’s breasts, which is precisely why this young man came to my Walnut Creek Plastic Surgery office. Gynecomastia literally means “female breast,” an appearance most men do not strive for.

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures - Gynecomastia Before and After Photos

Male Breast Reduction Before and After Pictures – A large amount of tissue was removed with Liposuction and Direct Excision to masculinize this patient’s chest. He had good skin elasticity, so no additional incisions were needed to remove excess skin. The areolae are elevated and smaller after removing the extra stuffing.

Gynecomastia affects 2/3 of adolescent and 1/3 of adult men. It is correctable with a short, outpatient surgical procedure and will be the first segment of Wednesday’s show. The patient above is much happier after his procedure, and that is what cosmetic plastic surgery is all about.

Plastic Surgery Consults

I hope you enjoy the show. If you miss it, I will be posting segments from the show here, on the San Francisco Plastic Surgery Blog, in the upcoming weeks. The show and this blog are great ways for me to share my plastic surgery knowledge; however, if you want to learn how Cosmetic Plastic Surgery can help you specifically, there is no substitute for an in person consultation. Call (925) 943-6353 and schedule a private consultation appointment.

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