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Flabby arms are a frequent concern among my patients, especially those who have lost a significant amount of weight. Weight loss reduces the volume of fat throughout the body. It’s a healthy pursuit and can enhance one’s appearance. Unfortunately, reduced fat under the skin means reduced support, akin to the loss of stuffing in a pillow.

Excellent skin elasticity allows the skin to shrink to the new shape; however, when the skin is overstretched, shrinkage is minimal and the result is loose, flabby folds of skin that are a constant reminder of previous weight struggles.

The Arm Lift removes excess skin and tightens the arms, enhancing the appearance of the arms and the confidence of the patient.

Brachioplasty Before and After Pictures

The best way to see what is possible with an Arm Lift is to look at Brachioplasty Before and After Pictures. Excess arm skin is usually located on the lower aspect of the arm, between the axilla and the elbow. Removing this excess skin not only removes the unattractive loose skin but also tightens the skin circumferentially around the entire upper arm.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty Photos)

The Arm Lift, also known as Brachioplasty, is used to remove loose, hanging skin from the arms. It is especially useful after massive weight loss.

In the before and after photos above, the Brachioplasty incision is located along the lower border of the arm to hide it. Some surgeons prefer to place the incision on the anterior surface of the arm in the bicipital groove. While this placement still provides excellent tightening of the arm skin, I think the scar is more visible and prefer not to use it.

More Extra Skin – No Problem

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty Photos)

Some arms have more skin than others. Brachioplasty removes the excess in a safe and predictable manner.

The patient above had a massive amount of excess skin on her upper arms. In fact, her arms were too large to fit into normal sleeves, even though she had lost a lot of weight. In this case, the incision was extended down the sides to raise the axillae (armpits) and tighten the skin of the lateral chest.

Half the Arm Size in Just a Few Hours

The Arm Lift is an outpatient procedure performed in an accredited surgery center. It takes a few hours and you can go home the same day. For a few weeks after surgery, an arm garment is worn to support the skin and limit swelling. Pain is often controlled with just NSAIDs, and if narcotics are necessary, they are usually only needed for a few days.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty Photos)

These Arm Lift before and after photos show tightening of the skin and lifting of the axilla (armpit).

Extended Arm Lifts

When the skin laxity extends past the elbow, an Extended Arm Lift is treatment of choice for obtaining the best aesthetic result. The incision is extended past the elbow to allow for the excision of the more distal skin laxity.

Arm Lift Before and After Pictures (Brachioplasty Photos)

Brachioplasty was performed to remove excess arm skin. The axilla was also elevated to complete the aesthetics.

In the Arm Lift Before and After Pictures above, excision extended past the elbow to remove all the excess skin. Additionally, the incision was extended from the armpit down the side to raise the axilla and create a normal transition from the side to the arm with smooth tightened skin.

Arm Lift Consultations

Arm Lifts are a specialized post-bariatric plastic surgery. Dr Mele is an Active Member of the American Society of Bariatric Plastic Surgery, a professional group for Board Certified Plastic Surgeons dedicated to reshaping bodies after massive weight loss. If you are considering an Arm Lift, be certain to consult with a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who is experienced with Brachioplasty.

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